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Below you will find the resources and schedule of posts you need to get started sharing on social media. If you want to add a link to purchase the product in your comment section on Facebook or your Profile page on Instagram, you can.

The goal however, is to get people to reach out to you saying, "TELL ME MORE!"



Post a picture (preferably with you or one of your family members) and share your personal experience with the product of the week. Why do you LOVE it? How has it changed your life? This should not be a long post, a paragraph at most, let them know that you will be posting more information on the product throughout the week. Share it on Facebook & Instagram. Begin working on your featured product testimony using the Canva template linked here or see button below. You will not post this on your personal pages until Wednesday but as soon as you complete it, please post it on our Facebook Changing Lives with PURE page for all to use on Wednesday.  Linley teaches how to do this at the 25 minute mark of the Social Media Training at the bottom of this page. Try to be specific to your experience and what changes you have seen since starting with Pure products. These testimonials will be a powerful tool to get others thinking about what Pure could do for them.



Post personal content about your family/pets/what you love on all pages, minimum of one post on Facebook, Instagram and Stories. Determine at least 3 categories that you will post about other than Pure. These should be things that people know you are interested in and care about. Try asking questions and getting your friends on social media to interact with you. Also be sure to engage with other people's posts as well. Facebook reminds you every day of which of your friends are having a birthday. Take the time to post on their page and re-engage with people you haven't talked to in a while.



Share at least 3 templated stories from our team about the product of the week in your Instagram/ Facebook stories. Grab the stories from the Changing Lives with PURE & LifeChangers Facebook pages, they will be posted there in the days leading up to Wednesday.



Again you are going to post personal content about your family/pets/what you love on all pages. Minimum of one post on Facebook, Instagram and Stories. Do you need help coming up with things to post about? Think about what is going on in your life that you could share. Have you gone to any events? Planning to travel? Done anything fun this week? Made any great recipes or crafts? What holidays are coming up? What are you currently reading? Watching? Listening to? What are your kids involved in? There are so many things that others would love to hear about! 



Share at least three of the FEATURES & BENEFITS IMAGES that the leaders have posted for you on the LifeChangers Facebook page. The images will be saved in an album on the page and you can save them directly from Facebook onto your phone. There will also be featured videos that you can share to your Facebook and Instagram Stories. The links to the videos can be found below. You will click on the links and download the videos directly to your phone. Then when you go to post a story, the videos will already be saved in your phone album. Be sure to post them in the order that they are labeled so that they'll be in chronological order for your followers.



It's all about you again! Post personal content about your family/pets/what you love on all pages. Minimum of one post on Facebook, Instagram and Stories. You don't always have to post pictures, another great thing to post is inspirational, motivational or faithful quotes. You can create your own posts using Canva social media quote templates. Be sure to create content that makes others smile and feel good. The goal is to post things that others enjoy seeing so that they will keep following you and not be turned off by divisive or polarizing content.



Share the video that Rachel streams on the product via Watch Party on your personal Facebook page. This is a great way for your followers to get more information about how Pure can potentially change their lives from a credible 3rd party. You will have shared all week about your experience with the products so hopefully after hearing more from Rachel your followers will be ready to take the next step and get started with Pure!

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